Discover the Ultimate Keys To Unlock Your English Fluency

If you have been studying English but struggle to express yourself in conversations...

Then you might be wondering if you will ever reach fluency.

But today I will share with you a technique that will allow you to...

Sometimes it can feel like no matter what you try, you won’t get to the next level.
But this technique will help you reach fluency faster.

It’s a technique used by “Memory Masters”...
The people who can remember the names of over 100 people in less than 5 minutes.

And it will allow you to unlock your tongue in conversations...
Because you won’t search in your mind to find words when you speak.

You will remember words forever after seeing them only one time.
Words used in conversations by native English speakers every day.

There is a problem with the classical methods of learning English words...

Students don’t reach fluency with flashcards or endless lists of words because...

  1. They find it boring...
  2. They can never know if the words are used in writing or speaking...
  3. They don’t know if the words are old-school words used 50 years ago but not anymore...
  4. And they don’t remember the words when they need to use them.

But with this “Memory Masters” technique, the words will be in your mind, ready to be used in conversations.

Introducing the Daily English Vocabulary, the ultimate tool for fluency

STEP 1: Every morning, you will get one email from me with a video

  • In the video, I will give you a captivating story about words that will impress native English speakers...
  • I will use a powerful visualization technique to make you remember the words forever.
  • For instance, if I am teaching you the word ‘exquisite’...
    I will connect it to something like my mom’s food coming out of the oven which smells so good that I am impatient to eat it.

STEP 2: You will also get an audio file

  • You will also get an audio file where you will repeat the word after me with the perfect American pronunciation.

STEP 3: You will also get 20 common English sentences

  • And you will also get 20 common sentences where the words are used.
  • Sentences that you can use in almost any conversation.

All of this for only $5 the first month, then $20 per month after the first 30 days.


“I truly appreciate the fantastic way Tiffani has set up this daily vocabulary email. Each and every day I am learning new words that I didn't know before. Now, it's easier for me to have conversations with native English speakers!” ~ Alida Kouadio
"The daily vocabulary email lessons are the best. I have been looking for such a resource for years. Everything is organized for me so it’s easier for me to learn English. I am learning so many useful new words. Tiffani is honestly the best teacher I have ever met.” ~ Joceline Cazimir
“The thing I like most is how Tiffani explains the words. I now know more vocab. Thank you Teacher Tiffani!” ~ Sagine Elasme


Listen, I know this newsletter will help you reach fluency fast and change the way you speak English. That's why I'm not holding back and giving you MORE content to make you better... completely FREE!

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You will get 9 Ebooks containing words that will make you sound smart when you speak English.

I personally picked all of the words in those Ebooks. Once you master the words, you will sound fluent.

Bonus #2: Test-Your Skills Worksheets

As a bonus, you also get 9 worksheets to test every word you learn so you remember them forever.

Bonus #3: 30-Day Study Plans

You get 9 30-Day study plans. Each study plan tells you exactly what to do for 30 days to get a little bit closer to fluency.

Once you have been through all of the study plans, you will be able to express yourself almost effortlessly with native English speakers.

Here’s what you get when you say “yes” today:

Daily Vocabulary lessons from Teacher Tiffani ($97 Value)
20 common sentences every day ($57 Value)
The perfect pronunciation audio files ($30 Value)
BONUS #1: The Fluent English Collection of 9 Ebooks ($179 Value)
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TOTAL VALUE: $452/Month

But today, you're getting all of this...


Then $20/month after the first 30 days.

“Do you have a guarantee?”
Yes, you are covered by my 30-Day Money Back Guarantee.

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
I 100% guarantee that you will love the Daily English Vocabulary. You can try it for 30 days, and if you don’t love it, you can ask for your money back, with no questions asked. And if you decide at ANY time that you don’t want to be a subscriber any more, you can cancel anytime.

Here's what to do next

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why are the words in the Daily English Vocabulary Newsletter so important?

Because they are words that you will see everywhere.

You will hear them every day during conversations with native English speakers or in movies...

And you will need to use them if you want to become a fluent English speaker.

Without these words, you cannot ever sound like a native English speaker.

I am just starting to learn English, can I join?

No, if you are a beginner who has just started learning English, this newsletter is not for you. 

But if you know the basics of English, then let’s jump right in!

What is included in the newsletter?

Every day in your inbox, you get a video of me explaining to you a new important word with an interesting story.

You also get an audio file to pronounce the word perfectly, the transcript of the video, and 20 examples of practical sentences where the words are used.

What if I notice it's not for me?

This is highly unlikely because what you will learn in this membership will help you become a fluent English speaker fast.

But if you realize it’s not for you, you can cancel your membership at any time, with no questions asked.

How much does it cost?

Today you can secure more than $300 worth of value that will help you become a fluent English speaker for only $5 USD.

Then, after the initial 30-day test run, if you love the membership and love the progress you are making, it will be $20 USD per month.

Is Teacher Tiffani teaching in the membership?

Of course, I will be your only teacher in this membership.

You will see me in the videos, and hear me in the audio. I have also created the 20 common sentences you will receive daily.

So we will be working together every day. I hope that you like the sound of that. 😊