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Free Preview | "Absolutely"

Definition: Totally or completely
Pronunciation | "Absolutely"


Welcome to today's daily English vocabulary lesson. Now, today's English vocabulary word is absolutely. Excellent. Again. Absolutely. Great job. Here we go again, absolutely. Nice. Two more times. Absolutely. Excellent. Last time, after me. Absolutely. Great job. Now here's the definition of the word absolutely.

Totally or completely. Again, totally or completely. Now, let me explain it like this. I enjoy eating good food. And you probably know that I love Indian food. If you've watched any of my English lessons, you've heard me talk about Indian food a lot. Now, I absolutely love Indian food. Makes sense, right? I totally... My mouth is watering right now.

I completely love Indian food. Maybe you absolutely love another type of food. Maybe Mexican. Maybe, Mediterranean. You absolutely love a certain type of food. Again, absolutely just means totally or completely. Now let's check out an example sentence. Here's the example sentence. I felt absolutely certain that I'd seen her before.

I honestly believed, I completely thought that I'd seen her before. I, I truly thought that. Again. I felt absolutely, or totally certain that I'd seen her before. Makes sense, right? Okay. What I want you to do is check out the other example sentences, and then I want you to use this word at least one time today.

And I'll talk to you in the next lesson.

Example Sentences

  1. He is absolutely certain who will win.
  2. Let me make one thing absolutely clear.
  3. I felt absolutely certain that I'd seen her before.
  4. I absolutely trusted my best friends.
  5. The teacher told her students to be absolutely silent during the exam.
  6. I did absolutely nothing today.
  7. I heard that it’s absolutely impossible to whistle and sing at the same time.
  8. It was absolutely amazing.
  9. You are absolutely right.
  10. She absolutely wanted to marry him.
  11. He said that we would absolutely love this movie.
  12. The chips were absolutely disgusting.
  13. My friend absolutely adores children.
  14. You must be absolutely quiet during the concert.
  15. I am absolutely certain that he will become the next president.
  16. That was an absolutely amazing speech.
  17. He is an absolutely amazing person.
  18. I am absolutely certain that he wants to go.
  19. I absolutely love your hair.
  20. They absolutely enjoyed her soup.