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Free Preview | "Bland"

Definition: Lacking taste or flavor or tang
Pronunciation | Bland


Welcome to today's daily English vocabulary lesson. Now today's English word is bland. Good. Again. Bland. Excellent. Again. Bland. Nice. Two more times. Bland. Great job. Last time, after me. Bland.  Excellent. Now this word literally just means lacking taste or flavor or tang. You don't have enough seasoning in your food, right?

Now, my mom is an amazing cook. Her food always tastes good. She knows how to add the proper amount of seasoning to everything she cooks. Now, my niece, she's five years old now, and I love her to death. And my mom actually watched her for the first two years of her life during the week. Because my brother and sister-in-law had to work.

So during the day, my mom would watch my niece. Now again, my mom can cook. Ooh. So good. So when my niece would go to eat her food, she always knew that it was gonna taste good. So much so that whenever she ate food that was not cooked by my mom, she would taste it and say, "Oh, this is bland. This isn't as good as Gammy..."

That's what she calls my mom, "...as Grammy's food." My niece understood, and still understands, what food is supposed to taste like. And when it doesn't have enough flavor, taste, or seasoning, she knows that the food is bland. You got it, right? Okay. Let me give you an example sentence. Here we go. The rice and beans were a bit bland.

Again. The rice and beans were a bit bland. They didn't have enough flavor. Makes sense, right? Okay. Now I want you to check out the other example sentences, and also try to use this word at least one time today. And I'll talk to you in the next lesson.

Example Sentences

  1. The rice and beans were a bit bland.
  2. He only eats bland food because of his ulcer.
  3. Some dishes would be very bland without the use of spices and other seasonings.
  4. My niece hates bland food.
  5. The food is a little bland at that restaurant.
  6. He said that the vegetable soup was rather bland.
  7. The rice wasn’t bland at all.
  8. The girls said that the chicken was really bland.
  9. I added more salt because the food was bland.
  10. People say that hospital food is pretty bland.
  11. He said that his wife’s food is really bland.
  12. I can’t eat bland food.
  13. The food at the buffet is quite bland.
  14. The rice was bland, so I put some meat on top of it.
  15. My mom told me to add salt if the food was too bland.
  16. His girlfriend’s food used to be bland, but now it is very flavorful.
  17. Everyone said that the food was bland.
  18. Many students eat off campus because the cafeteria food is bland.
  19. Customers started to complain because the food was bland.
  20. If the food is bland, people won’t eat it.