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Free Preview | "Replicate"

Definition: To duplicate, copy, reproduce, or repeat
Pronunciation | Replicate


Welcome to today's daily English vocabulary lesson. Now today's English vocabulary word is replicate. Excellent. Again. Replicate. Good job. Again. Replicate. Nice. Now two more times. Replicate.  Excellent. One more time after me. Replicate. Excellent. Now the word replicate literally just means to duplicate, copy, reproduce, or repeat.

Now, let me explain it like this. Growing up, I loved drawing. But the reason I loved drawing so much was because my sister was an amazing artist. My sister is five years older than me. And I can remember being nine years old, watching her as a 14-year-old, she was drawing portraits of people. And I remember seeing her draw this portrait of her best friend.

And it was absolutely amazing, so I wanted to replicate the drawing. So I started copying what she did. I started trying to draw the lines in the same way that she had drawn them. I wanted to replicate her portrait. Makes sense, right? Again, replicate just means to duplicate, copy, reproduce or repeat. In English, we say replicate.

Now, here's an example sentence.  many great watchmakers replicate designer watches today. Again. Many great watchmakers replicate designer watches today. Makes sense? All right. Check out the other example sentences and I want you to use this word at least one time today. And I'll talk to you in the next lesson.

Example Sentences

  1. They are working on a computer-generated speech that replicates **the human voice.
  2. Many great watchmakers replicate designer watches today.
  3. Being able to replicate the look after leaving the salon is the goal.
  4. The scientists tried many times to replicate the original experiment.
  5. They tried to replicate the song.
  6. She couldn’t replicate what he was doing.
  7. I want to replicate the presentation.
  8. The company was able to replicate the software.
  9. You need to learn how to replicate this program.
  10. The teacher was able to replicate the example that was in the book.
  11. The technician tried to replicate the error that the customer described.
  12. The professor taught us that chromosomes replicate before cells divide and multiply.
  13. Computer viruses tend to replicate themselves.
  14. He was able to replicate the same design.
  15. She offered him a new job because he was able to replicate the toy.
  16. All of the students had to learn how to replicate the computer program.
  17. He didn’t think she would be able to replicate the experiment.
  18. Her parents were shocked when she replicated the song.
  19. He wanted to replicate his teacher’s writing style.
  20. She wasn’t able to replicate her grandmother’s soup.