27 | Environmental Conservation

Today you will learn 5 new English words related to "Environmental Conservation"

TODAY’S TOPIC: “Environmental Conservation”

“Environmental conservation” is an interesting topic for you, an ESL learner, to study and understand as it connects language proficiency with global citizenship and equips individuals with the language skills needed to comprehend, discuss, and advocate for sustainable practices. Today’s words will help you speak English more fluently about “environmental conservation”. Let’s Jump Right In!


1 | Biodiversity

  • Part of speech: Noun

  • Definition: The variety of plant and animal life in a particular habitat or on Earth as a whole.

  • Example Sentences:

    1. Rainforests are known for their incredible biodiversity, housing numerous species of plants and animals.

    2. Conservation efforts aim to protect and preserve the biodiversity of endangered ecosystems.

    3. Human activities, such as deforestation, can threaten the biodiversity of natural habitats.

2 | Ecosystem

  • Part of speech: Noun

  • Definition: A biological community of interacting organisms and their physical environment.

  • Example Sentences:

    1. Coral reefs are fragile ecosystems that support a diverse array of marine life.

    2. Conservationists work to restore and protect ecosystems affected by human activities.

    3. The health of an ecosystem is often measured by its resilience and biodiversity.

3 | Deforestation

  • Part of speech: Noun

  • Definition: The clearing or removal of forests, often for agricultural or developmental purposes.

  • Example Sentences:

    1. Deforestation contributes to the loss of habitat for many species and reduces carbon sequestration.

    2. Conservation initiatives aim to address the negative impacts of deforestation on global ecosystems.

    3. Governments implement policies to regulate and prevent illegal deforestation.

4 | Conservation

  • Part of speech: Noun

  • Definition: The protection, preservation, and sustainable use of natural resources and ecosystems.

  • Example Sentences:

    1. National parks play a crucial role in the conservation of biodiversity and natural landscapes.

    2. Conservationists collaborate to address threats to endangered species and their habitats.

    3. Sustainable forestry practices are essential for the conservation of forests.

5 | Pollution

  • Part of speech: Noun

  • Definition: The introduction of contaminants into the environment, causing harm to air, water, or soil.

  • Example Sentences:

    1. Industrial activities and improper waste disposal contribute to water pollution.

    2. Air pollution from vehicle emissions and industrial processes poses health risks to communities.

    3. Environmental regulations aim to reduce and prevent pollution from various sources.


Environmental conservation is a critical endeavor aimed at safeguarding the delicate balance of our planet's ecosystems. The threats of pollution and deforestation underscore the urgency of comprehensive conservation efforts. Pollution, no matter the form, poses a severe risk to the health of ecosystems and their inhabitants. Conserving biodiversity, the varied tapestry of plant and animal life within these ecosystems, becomes paramount as it ensures resilience against environmental changes. Deforestation, which is driven by human activities, disrupts these intricate ecosystems, leading to the loss of habitat and the degradation of biodiversity. In response, dedicated conservation initiatives strive to mitigate the adverse impacts of deforestation, promoting sustainable practices and reforestation to restore balance. By recognizing the interconnectedness of pollution, deforestation, biodiversity, and the overall health of ecosystems, environmental conservation bot only becomes a collective responsibility, but a commitment to preserving the natural world for present and future generations.

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