28 | Transportation

Today you will learn 5 new English words related to "Transportation"

TODAY’S TOPIC: “Transportation”

Studying and understanding “transportation” is essential for you, an ESL learner, as it grants you with the language skills needed to communicate effectively in a world that relies heavily on diverse modes of transportation. Today’s words will help you speak English more fluently about “transportation”. Let’s Jump Right In!


1 | Commute

  • Part of speech: Verb/Noun

  • Definition: To travel regularly between one's home and workplace; the journey itself.

  • Example Sentences:

    1. She commutes to the city by train every day for work.

    2. The daily commute can be exhausting, especially during rush hours.

    3. Commuting by bicycle is an eco-friendly alternative to using a car.

2 | Congestion

  • Part of speech: Noun

  • Definition: The state of being overcrowded or blocked, typically in reference to traffic or public spaces.

  • Example Sentences:

    1. Traffic congestion is a common issue in large metropolitan areas.

    2. The city implemented measures to alleviate congestion in the central business district.

    3. During peak hours, congestion on the highways can significantly delay travel.

3 | Carpool

  • Part of speech: Verb/Noun

  • Definition: To share a car journey with others, typically by alternating driving; the arrangement itself.

  • Example Sentences:

    1. Many employees prefer to carpool to reduce commuting costs and environmental impact.

    2. The school promotes carpooling to minimize traffic around the campus.

    3. Carpooling is an effective way to alleviate parking issues in busy urban areas.

4 | Hitchhike

  • Part of speech: Verb

  • Definition: To travel by obtaining free rides from passing vehicles.

  • Example Sentences:

    1. In some countries, it is common for adventurous travelers to hitchhike.

    2. Hitchhiking can be a cost-effective way to explore remote areas.

    3. Safety precautions are essential when considering whether to hitchhike.

5 | Rideshare

  • Part of speech: Noun/Verb

  • Definition: A service that matches people traveling in the same direction for shared transportation; the act of using such a service.

  • Example Sentences:

    1. Rideshare apps have transformed urban transportation, providing convenient and affordable options.

    2. Commuters often use rideshare services to split the cost of daily travel.

    3. Safety measures are emphasized when participating in rideshare programs.


Transportation is a crucial part of everyday life that includes different ways people move around and influences how they get from one place to another. The daily commute, often characterized by navigating through traffic congestion and bustling city streets, can be a challenge. In an effort to address this, environmentally conscious individuals opt for alternatives such as carpooling, where the shared journey not only helps with congestion, but also fosters a sense of community among travelers. Sometimes, adventurous souls may choose to hitchhike, seeking free rides from passing vehicles to explore new destinations. In recent years, the invention of rideshare services has transformed the landscape, offering a both convenient and efficient means of transportation by connecting passengers with drivers heading in the same direction. The dynamic interplay of these transportation methods reflects the evolving ways in which individuals choose to navigate the urban landscape, seeking not only efficiency but also sustainability and community engagement.

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