01| Internet Trends and Memes

Today you will learn 5 new English words related to "Internet Trends and Memes"

Studying “internet trends and memes is highly relevant for you as an ESL learner because it offers a unique and engaging way to comprehend informal language, slang, and contemporary expressions used by English speakers online. Exploring internet content exposes you to colloquial language, informal communication styles, and the rapid evolution of online expressions, thereby enhancing your overall language proficiency and cultural awareness. The vocabulary words introduced today aim to enhance your comprehension of the topic, empowering you to engage in more profound and meaningful conversations. Let’s jump right in!


1 | Viral

  • Part of speech: Adjective

  • Definition: Quickly and widely circulated on the internet.

  • Example Sentences:

    1. The video of the cute puppy went viral within hours of being posted.

    2. Creating content that has the potential to go viral requires creativity and timing.

    3. The meme shared by the celebrity quickly went viral, reaching millions of social media users.

2 | Meme

  • Part of speech: Noun

  • Definition: A humorous image, video, piece of text, etc., that is copied and spread rapidly by internet users.

  • Example Sentences:

    1. Internet memes often capture and convey shared experiences in a witty manner.

    2. The meme depicting a funny cat became an internet sensation.

    3. Memes provide a unique way for people to express humor and commentary in a concise format.

3 | Satirical

  • Part of speech: Adjective

  • Definition: Using humor, irony, or ridicule to criticize or mock people or society.

  • Example Sentences:

    1. The satirical cartoon cleverly commented on current political issues.

    2. Satirical memes often highlight societal absurdities in a humorous way.

    3. The comedian's satirical take on everyday life resonated with a wide audience.

4 | Curation

  • Part of speech: Noun

  • Definition: The selection and organization of content, typically for presentation or display.

  • Example Sentences:

    1. Social media platforms allow users to curate their feeds based on personal interests.

    2. The curator of the online gallery carefully selected artworks for a themed exhibition.

    3. Effective meme curation involves choosing content that resonates with a specific audience.

5 | Parody

  • Part of speech: Noun

  • Definition: An imitation of the style of a particular genre or artist for humorous effect.

  • Example Sentences:

    1. The comedian's parody of a famous singer's music video went viral.

    2. Internet memes often serve as playful parodies of popular culture.

    3. Creating a successful parody requires a keen understanding of the nuances of the original content.


Who doesn’t like a good meme? Memes have slowly but surely taken over the internet as these digital jokes can quickly spread and go viral, reaching people worldwide. These funny images often carry a satirical tone, poking fun at various aspects of life. Users enjoy creating parodies and remixing memes, adding their own twist to the humor. Platforms use curation to pick and show content based on what users like. So, whether a meme goes viral or becomes part of a curated collection, it reflects how internet culture constantly evolves through humor and creativity.

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